Looking for an Affordable Circuit Simulation Tool? RF.Spice A/D is the Solution

 RF.Spice A/D™ is a powerful visual simulation  environment for analysis and design of analog, digital, RF and  mixed-signal circuits and systems. Rather than verifying your circuit  designs after the fact using real physical components with expensive  laboratory test equipment, RF.Spice A/D allows you to perform accurate  and realistic simulations of your circuits without clipping wires or  splashing solder. With RF.Spice A/D, creating, modifying and simulating  electronic circuits and systems is a quick, easy, even enjoyable,  process. 



 Cogenda is a vendor of Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD) software.  Our core expertise is the TCAD simulation of semiconductor fabrication  & Radiation effect simulation. As well as developing simulation  software, Cogenda provides a wide range of technical services, which  includes integration of TCAD tools