Rf & Microwave

Integrated Modular Electromagnetic Modeling Suite


 EM.Cube® is an industry-recognized  simulation suite for electromagnetic modeling of RF system engineering  problems. It features several distinct simulation engines that can solve  a wide range of modeling problems. 

Vector Network Analyzer

Vector network analyzers (VNA) to suit your application. .

We offers a variety of vector network analyzers (VNAs) to suit your  application. Choose from an RF VNA to a Broadband VNA, from a Premium  VNA with the highest performance and no compromises to a Value VNA that  offers solid performance with suitable measurement speeds for an R&D  environment.  

Anechoic Chamber

An Anechoic chamber

We offer best in class,cost effective and   solution for antenna test and measurement.

Products include microwave absorbers, RF shielding rooms, Positioners, VNA interfacing, anechoic chambers.


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